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Foster Father of Jesus, Spouse of the Immaculate Virgin Mary, Terror of Demons, Protector of Holy Church, Glorious Patriarch, Holy Guardian of the Redeemer, HEAR US!!!

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  • Laura McCracken

    Fr. Sam, thank you for this beautiful homily. When my grandmother was dying I sat up with her day and night, and she said to me St. Joseph is waiting on the porch but you wont let him in.I sobbed and prayed that St. Joseph would give me the strength to let her go and give her a happy death..this is a little of what she shared with me a few minutes before her departure, she said, “I must go and I’m walking in a beautiful garden with flowers and colors I have never seen, there is a flowing river with diamond like rocks on the floor” and her last sentence was, “I’m steping into big soft hands and I’m emtering the Kingdom of Heaven, always obey the Father, praise the Son, invoke the Holy Spirit and never forget Mother Mary”…she smiled, she took a last breath and left. You gave the homily at her funeral when you were a deacon and Fr. Isidore celebrated the Mass…you brought great comfort to me with your words of the gospel and you bring great comfort to me still through your homilies…thank you for sharing.

    Mar 19, 2010 at 2:59 pm
  • marques dos santos

    pray for saint joseph ‘day our brother jesus christ her son good lovely for us pray for us help me to have at my problem of combat of demons in esprit bad malefic i always suffer for the sins since of 13 years old in enfer i has been to receiver the haiperness and to have been the virgin mary our mother of cieux no stop fack up of cross of me always for the mechants solange

    Mar 19, 2010 at 6:16 pm